Gripp integration

Keep employee and absence info in Gripp up to date based on Officient data

About Gripp

Gripp is the business software for (creative) agencies. With Gripp business software, you have a grip on all your internal affairs. From your CRM, sales, quotations, time registration and planning to your projects, invoicing, accounting & reporting. Everything you need in one location and fully coordinated with each other. This way, you work 100% more efficiently and free up time for growth and other important matters. With Gripp, you always have your business in sight.

Gripp features

Connecting Officient to Gripp allows you to keep employee data and absences in Gripp up to date. Gripp can also update worked hours if needed.

Data retrieved from Officient in Gripp

  • Employee information
  • Employee work schedule
  • Absences

Data pushed from Gripp to Officient (optional)

  • Worked hours

Contact Gripp support to set up this integration.

Gripp pricing

Connecting Officient to Gripp comes with no additional costs.

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