Park & Seat - Parking Management Tool

Park & Seat - Parking Management Tool integration

About Park & Seat - Parking Management Tool

Park & Seat offers a comprehensive solution for managing office and parking spaces. Through an integration with Officient, the platform can use relevant data, such as sick days and holiday schedules, to optimally allocate office and parking spaces. This ensures efficient use of parking spaces, even during periods of temporary absence.

A unique feature of Park & Seat is the approach regarding double parking and allocated parking spaces. By allocating parking spaces at the time of reservation, Park & Seat optimises the use of double parking spaces. This approach improves coordination and departure efficiency even in cases of double parking, as users can easily identify neighbouring parkers.

In addition, Park & Seat uses automated messaging via WhatsApp to deliver timely notifications. Users receive parking confirmations and alerts about departing vehicles that are double-parked.

Park & Seat - Parking Management Tool features

The Park & Seat app updates the availiability of parkings spots based on absences in the Officient calendar.

Park & Seat - Parking Management Tool pricing

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