SD Worx Payroll integration

SD Worx is the largest payroll provider in Belgium.

SD Worx Payroll integration features

Connecting SD Worx with Officient allows you to get started in just a few minutes by importing all employees and their data to Officient. As soon as the integration is active, relevant changes made to employees' data in Officient are pushed to SD Worx. At the end of the month, you can send days off to SD Worx in 1 simple click.

Data imported from SD Worx to Officient includes:

  • Employee list
  • Personal data
  • Days off history
  • Days off types
  • Wage information
  • Wage history
  • Documents (eg payslips)

Data pushed from Officient to SD Worx:

  • Days off
  • Personal data changes

Integrations possible with:

  • 'SD Worx Payroll'

SD Worx Payroll integration pricing

Free integration (included in Officient license)

SD Worx Payroll screenshots

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