Mbrella integration

Use Mbrella to sync your mobility budgets, employees & mobility-related payroll data with Officient

About Mbrella

Mbrella is the #1 mobility management platform for HR. Create a flexible mobility plan tailored to each employee. Implement and manage mobility budgets with no HR hassle.

Mbrella features

✅ Setup and manage mobility budgets ✅ Manage mobility benefits for your employees ✅ Manage mobility expenses ✅ Connect mobility to your payroll ✅ Reimburse trips with tax-free allowances (bike, walk, car, telework,...) ✅ Order and manage public transport subscriptions ✅ Order and manage mobility cards ✅ Setup fleet sharing ✅ Update your mobility policy ✅ Get mobility advice ✅ Lease bikes (coming soon)

Mbrella pricing

Free. Get your Mbrella account via https://www.mbrella.eu/

Mbrella listing screenshots

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