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Nmbrs is an Amsterdam based HR- and payroll software supplier for the Dutch and Swedish market. We emphasize the role of HR in the development of our HR and payroll software, because we are convinced that employees deserve the best possible HR service. By involving all key users - including the employee - in the process, we allow optimal HR service with minimal effort. Together with this focus, efficiency, automation, user friendliness and innovation form the basis of our software. With a lively team, we use this vision to continue our mission to develop the best global online HR and payroll software.

Nmbrs has been playing an innovative role in the HR and salary software market for many years. The supplier continuously translates the latest technologies into valuable new functionalities. In 2017 alone, their customers were treated to more than 150 product updates, with which they were introduced to artificial intelligence, among many other things. Nmbrs continues to answer the promise of ongoing innovation with a strong, independent vision.

Mission: We believe employees are a company’s most important asset. They deserve the best possible HR services. By developing an international Payroll/HR platform where we deliver optimal HR processes, we can connect all key-users so that they serve their employees better.

NMBRS integration features

Connecting NMBRS with Officient allows you to get started in just a few minutes by importing all employees and their data to Officient.

Data imported from NMBRS to Officient includes:

  • Employee list
  • Personal data
  • Wage information
  • Wage history
  • Days off types
  • Days off history
  • Documents (eg payslips)

Data pushed from Officient to NMBRS:

  • Days off calender
  • Personal data changes

Integrations possible with:

  • 'NMBRS'

NMBRS integration pricing

Free integration (included in Officient license)

NMBRS listing screenshots

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